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and we danced out there on that empty hardwood floorBrad Paisley
some beach somewhere theres a big umbrella casting shade over an empty chairBlake Shelton
shes got her daddys money her momas good looks more laughs that stack of comic booksRicochet
shed give anything and everything to fall in love just this one time shed like to find what shes been dreamin ofLittle Texas or Boy Howdy
let that igloo cooler mark your piece of paradise_____ _____everybodys feelin sexy Rascal Flatts
someday ill be livin in a bog old city and all your ever gonna be is____someday ill be big enough that you cant hit me and all your ever gonna be is ______Taylor Swift
Memory Lane up in the headlights its got me reminiscing on them good timesJason Aledean
____ _____ ____ ____ _____ sweet potatoe pie and i shut my mouthAlabama
If you lose your one and only theres always room here for the lonleyBrooks and Dunn
*title* it aint no fantasy its just a common case of everyday realityDarryl Worley
I cried never gonna hold the hand of another guy to young for him they told herDixie Chicks
some times i thank god for *title* remember when your talkin to the man upstairsGarth Brooks
but the struggles make you stronger and the changes make you wiseGary Allan
im *title* dont believe ive ever had this muchGretchen Wilson
and im waiting on you to make up your mind do you love me too?Jimmy Wayne
*title* id pack up the kids and go for the day Justin Moore
*title* go i i must have been born a lucky guyKeith Urban
I bet your in a bar listenin to a country song Lee Ann Womack
and im proud to be an american were at least i know im freeLee Greenwood
*title* walking with my feet ten feet off of bealeLonestar
*title* big enough for all the pain in the world *title* big enough for all the pain Martina Mcbride
i guess i shoud have held on to my pride i should have never let you lie Miranda Lambert
and there are *title* on the right side of the road why theres not four of them heaven only knowsRandy Travis
She said 'Here's your one chance _____ doont let me down'Reba McEntire
We all *title* we all taste rain all fall down and lose our wayRonnie Dunn
and im done hopin we could work it out im done with how it feels Sara Evans
*title* and whose heart did you steal i wonderShania Twain
and hang out make lots of noise and lay out late with a boySugarland
So i guess that that means things are better things arent so bad at homeSunny Sweeney
well you took my wife and you took my kids and you took that life that i used to liveTim McGraw

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