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Question Answer
Who is Louis' favorite band?
What is their second book called?
What was Liam's Dad's idea for a band name?
Louis' audition song?
How many siblings does Louis have?
What is Zayn's favorite video game?
What is their first book called?
Where is Harry from?
What are Liam's sisters' names?
__________ ______________ could be Harry's Dad
What is Niall's favorite restaurant?
Whose hair changes the most often?
What is Liam's nickname
How many sisters does Liam have?
What is Zayn afraid of?
What did Louis and Harry share?
Louis' role in the band?
What is Harry's favorite TV show?
Harry's audition song?
What is Liam's favorite color?
'I know your heart's been broken, but don't you ___________ ____
'Zayn is...'
Louis' favorite song from Up All Night?
'So we play, play, play all the same old ____________'
What is Niall's natural hair color?
Liam's last name?
Who makes up Larry Stylinson?
Harry's last name?
Niall's birthday
Where is Zayn from?
Who is One Direction's youngest fan?
Who was their mentor?
True/False Zayn and Liam ripped Harry's shirt off at their Chicago concert
Question Answer
What older woman did Harry date?
Tell me a ______
The eldest member?
I ....
Liam's birthday
What is Niall's favorite color?
Harry's birthday
Louis' middle name?
'I'd be _________ ______________, cause she's a good dancer.'
Who is Zayn dating?
What is Liam afraid of?
Louis' last name?
What song did they sing at the judge's houses?
On what show did they gain fame?
What is Harry's role in the band?
What is the name of Harry's old band?
What would Liam bath in?
'If we could only have this life for one more day, if we could only ______ back time'
NO! __________ protested!
'______ __________ on replay'
Who is Louis' pigeon friend?
Liam and Niall share the same middle name. What is it?
Zayn's birthday
Who is Liam's celebrity crush?
Zayn's last name?
'No more falling _________'
'Simple but...'
Who are the partners in crime?
Zayn's auditon song?
'Guess what I am! I'm a ___________'
Zayn's middle name?
The youngest member?
Liam's audition song?
Where is Liam from?
Question Answer
What place did they come in on the X Factor?
What is Zayn's hidden talent?
How many sisters does Zayn have?
Who is Niall's celebrity crush?
Where is Niall from?
What is Liam's hidden talent?
Harry's middle name?
Who is the pop artist Niall is obsessed with?
Who has the most tattoos?
What was the first single off their album?
What are Louis' twin sisters named?
Harry's worst habit?
Who is Louis dating?
'Get out get out of my ______'
'I wanna _______ you tonight'
'I like girls who eat...'
What is Harry's sister's name?
Vas ....
Who is Liam dating?
'When you ________ at the ground, it ain't hard to tell'
Niall's last name?
Where is Louis from?
Louis' birthday
What is Niall's brother's name?
Niall's audition song?
'What a _____ I made upon your innocence'
What is their first album called?
What is Harry's hidden talent?
'Why does Harry get so much attention? Its the ______________ ________________'
Liam only has one....
'I can love you....'
'Niall's memory is terrible, it's like a _______________'

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