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A - Kit's Beau
B - She _____ - rival club
C - The _________ - Alice's website
D - Alice: 'What the hell are you talking about? _____ was gay!'
E - __________ Lively - played Mark
F - Shane: 'I ____ like a piƱata'
G - Janina __________ - Papi actress
H - Leisha __________ - Alice actress
I - Kit's original business partner
J - Infamous lesbian lawyer
K - Tina's surname
L - Sous Chef
M - Max's female name
N - Played the lead role in Lez Girls
O - Cruise Dana starred on
P - Marina's coffee shop
Q - Sunset Boulevard - Drag _________
R - Melissa _____ - tennis fan in season 2
S - Jenny's Dog
T - Dana's ex
U - Phyllis: '_______! That's a good one.'
V - City where TLW is filmed
W - Mark's surname
X - Device which found Alice and Dana's 'secret' at the airport
Y - Jodi: 'I know that I love ____ to the exclusion of everyone else. '
Z - Kit and Sunset took Angelica here

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