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You are still too weak. You don't have enough hate. And you know something. You never will.
Shut up...or I'll kill you.
To work for that person's sake, to fight for that person's sake, to make that person's dreams come true. That is my dream. For that sake, I can become a shinobi. I will kill you!
The boy that I have watched for so long is finally watching me. And in front of him, I can't bear to lose.
I hate waiting.
Please, stop looking at me like that, or I'll have to smack you.
I'm not going to run away. I never go back on my word. That's my nindo, my ninja way!
I hate a lot of things and I don't particularly. What I have is not a dream because I will make into a reality. shall I say this. My first impression is that I don't like you guys.
Don't think you can run away from my nose!
Sometimes I wish I was just a cloud, floating along.
One of the Legendary Sannin taking on a snot-nosed Genin...I oughta be ashamed of myself.
Once a failure, always a failure. You can't change that.
I'm not a pervert...I'm a SUPER pervert!
Even if it's been awhile, you should still remember you comrades' faces. Why? Otherwise you might hurt their feelings when they call out to you.
I'm gonna eat until I can eat no more!
Who're you calling 'pig,' billboard brow?!
My massive blade, Sameha, doesn't shreds you to ribbons!
I didn't even get to preach Jashinism to Konoha!
Tobi is a good boy!
Guy-sensei is the coolest! He practically GLOWS with cool!
Those that break the rules are scum. But those who abandon their comrades are even worse than scum.
Uh-uh...I won't be joining Haku. Where he's gone I can't follow. We wouldn't be welcome where Haku's gone to.
That's it Lee! towards the setting sun! But don't mess up your hair!
This child...intrigues me to no end!

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