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EffectPerkPro Effect
Makes players invisible to Heartbeat Sensors.Move absoloutely silently.
Move 7% faster.Quicker aiming recovery from sprinting.
Invisible to enemy Thermal Optics and Killstreaks.No red crosshair or name when targeted.
Increased bullet damage by 40%.Increased damage to enemy vehicles and aircrafts.
Resupply from dead bodies.Extra mags when spawned.
Allows class switching without respawn (Replaces secondary).Faster class switching.
Detect enemy explosives.Enemy footsteps are heard louder.
Unlimited sprint.Climb ladders and other objects faster.
EffectPerkPro Effect
Increased explosive weapon damage.Increased damage from Killstreak rewards.
Jams enemy radar when close to you.Delays enemy claymore explosions.
Killstreaks require one less kill.Deathstreaks require one less death.
Allows two attachments on Primary Weapon.Allows two attachments on Secondary Weapon.
Faster reloading.Faster aiming down the sights.
Pull out your pistol while bleeding out before death.Use your equipment while in Last Stand.
Increase melee lunge distance.Take no fall damage.
Increased hip-fire accuracy.Hold breath longer when scoped.

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