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QUIZ: Can you name the teen celebrities whose names are scrambled?

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UnscrambleTeen CelebrityClue
WRDE BRYAMERORAmerican Actress (teen celebrity from 1988-1994)
SIAHNTCRI EAGILURAAmerican Singer (teen celebrity from 1993-1999)
IAT & TARMEA RMOYWAmerican Actresses (teen celebrities from 1994-1998)
SRTIKNE SNDUTAmerican Actress (teen celebrity from 1995-2001)
NUSIJT MERKLTIEBAAmerican Singer/Actor (teen celebrity from 1995-2000)
KINC RTACREAmerican Singer (teen celebrity from 1996-1999)
YBETNRI SSPAERAmerican Singer (teen celebrity from 1998-2000)
EVRAN YMONSEAmerican Actress/Singer (teen celebrity from 1998-2004)
SLIANDY HALONAmerican Actress/Singer (teen celebrity from 1998-2005)
DANMAA YNBSEAmerican Actress (teen celebrity from 1999-2005)
RAMY TKEA & HLASEY OSNLEAmerican Actresses (teen celebrities from 2000-2006)
AONRA CETRRAAmerican Singer (teen celebrity from 2000-2006)
PERRUT TIRNGBritish Actor (teen celebrity from 2001-2007)
ALHEY JLEO MEOSTNAmerican Actor (teen celebrity from 2001-2007)
ELSEHA ISPMOSNAmerican Actress/Singer (teen celebrity 2002-2004)
LRAHIY FUFDAmerican Actress/Singer (teen celebrity from 2002-2006)
CZA FENROAmerican Actor (teen celebrity from 2002-2006)
YDEHAN NETPITAREEAmerican Actress (teen celebrity from 2002-2008)
SAVNAES GUDNHESAmerican Actress/Singer (teen celebrity from 2002-2006)
NRAY CLRESKEHAmerican Athlete (teen celebrity from 2003-2009)
UnscrambleTeen CelebrityClue
NLEIDA DLRACFEFIBritish Actor (teen celebrity from 2003-2009)
MEAM SATNOWBritish Actress (teen celebrity from 2003-2009)
IMJAE YNLN SRASPEAmerican Actress (teen celebrity from 2004-2008)
RIMAA RAPAHOVASRussian Athlete (teen celebrity from 2004-2006)
SENTRIK RTAEWSTAmerican Actress (teen celebrity from 2005-2009)
RICSH NWBORAmerican Singer (teen celebrity from 2005-2008)
XLEA TYFEPTREBritish Actor/Model (teen celebrity from 2005-2009)
BTORER TSOANTPINBritish Actor (teen celebrity from 2005-2007)
NICROB EBLUAmerican Actor/Singer (teen celebrity from 2006-2008)
ROTALY FWITSAmerican Singer/Actress (teen celebrity from 2006-2008)
UTSNJI IEEBRBCanadian Singer (current teen celebrity)
OAKDTA NIFNNAGAmerican Actress (current teen celebrity)
IYELM URSCYAmerican Actress/Singer (current teen celebrity)
GAIBILA LBISRENAmerican Actress (current teen celebrity)
ELSEAN EZOGMAmerican Actress/Singer (current teen celebrity)
NSWAH HNSJOONAmerican Athlete (current teen celebrity)
ATLYRO UTRNEALAmerican Actor (current teen celebrity)
DAMIRAN GOVEROSCActress/Singer (current teen celebrity)
RIAGELBAL MILICAustralian Singer (current teen celebrity)
ICNK SAJONAmerican Singer/Actor (current teen celebrity)

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