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QUIZ: Can you name the missing word for each of the following phrases used to describe someone as stupid?

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IdiomMissing Word
Not the brightest light in the _____.
Only has one ___ in the water.
Not the sharpest ___ in the drawer.
No grain in the ___.
Forgot to pay his ___ bill.
Sharp as a sack of wet ___.
Has a ___ in the skylight.
All foam no ___.
Not the quickest ___ in the forest.
A few ____ short of a rainbow.
IdiomMissing Word
____ but not delivered.
He's got a ____ but no arrows.
Lost contact with the ___.
Three ice bricks shy of an ____.
A few ___ short of a watch.
A few snags short of a ___.
His wheel is spinning but the ____ is dead.
Has a ____ loose in the top paddock.
If ___ were shoes he'd be barefooted.
His brother was an ___ child.

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