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Can you name the Green Lantern Villains?

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Forced Order
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Korugar's One-time Dictator and Leader of the Yellow Lanterns
Yellow Lanterns
Leader of the Black Lanterns
'Guardian' of the Sinestro Corps
Possessive Fear Parasite
Avatar of the Violet Lanterns
Carol Ferris's alter ego
Leader of the Red Lanterns
Orange Lantern
Murderer of 32 GLs and one time Sinestro Corps Member
Has a large head and telepathic powers
Destroyer of Coast City
Also helped destroy Coast City and Sinestro Corps Member
Green Lantern I's arch enemy
Green Lantern I's wife
Inhabitants of the Anti Matter Universe
Has sonic powers
Has magnetic powers
Animates designs on his skin
A renegade Oan scientist
Creators of the Darkstars
'No man escapes the _____!'
Lord of the Unliving and Guardian of the Black Lanterns
Black Lantern Rogue Guardian
Sinestro Corps Sentient City
Illegitimate son of Darkseid
Green Lantern III's arch enemy
Black Lantern Planet
Created by the Controllers and has fire powers
Green Lantern IV's arch enemy
Son of Abin Sur
Sinestro Corps Drill Sergeant
Green Lantern V's arch enemy
Murderer of Jade
Red Lantern who is a cat

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