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QUIZ: Can you name the facts about Green Lantern Kyle Rayner?

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Kyle's hometown
Kyle's 'main' city
Current place of residence
Kyle's Mom's Name
Kyle's Dad's Name
Because of him, Kyle is half [ethnicity]
Kyle's first girlfriend
Who killed her
His secret identity
Kyle's second girlfriend
Who killed her
Kyle's third girlfriend/'true love'
Who killed her
Kyle's current girlfriend
Her father
Who she succeeded as Green Lantern
Killed Kyle's Mom
Possessed Kyle during the Sinestro Corps War
Kyle's 'hard-traveling hero' friend
His secret identity
Kyle's 'brave and the bold' friend
His secret identity
Who he sees as a brother
Nickname for Kyle's distinctive mask
Other used alias
Another alias
Also called the ____ of the Corps
And the _____
Magazine he worked for in NYC
Name of his cartoon in above magazine
Kyle's assistant from the magazine
He is also
Who gave Kyle his power ring
Kyle's arch enemy
Episode of Justice League Unlimited with Kyle
Episode of Superman: TAS with Kyle
Game where Kyle is an unlockable character
Earth in the multiverse Kyle's 'supposed' to be from
Earth-11 Name

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