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Can you name the characters who went to the Hunger Games Hospital?

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Consumed Deadly Nightlock Berries
Tracker Jacker Stings - a deadly amount
Shrapnel in Leg and Bullet in Shoulder
Ripped Flesh by Dog Mutts and then arrow in face
Dented Skull
Axe in Chest
Arrow in the neck - worstened by pulling it out
Slit Neck and Repeating 'Tic-Toc'
Hit Forcefield After Blood Came Raining Down
Witnessed Friend Beheaded and then went Mad
Choked to Dead Laughing On His Own Blood
Amputated Leg and Temporarily Died
Several Bird Beaks Pierced Neck
Walked into Deadly Fog
Deaf in one ear and Nasty Gash in Forehead by Knife

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