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Who hits Pacey's dad's police cruiser in the first episode?
What is her brother's name that Joey gives a job to at the Ice House?
Who is Pacey is hoping will go on a date with him?
Why does she agree to go with him?
Whose birthday does Dawson forget in the second episode?
Who does Jen befriend in the second season?
What does Mitch suggest ro help fix his marriage?
Who is Dawson paired up with for the class lifestyle project?
Who is pacey paired with?
What is the name of Joey's little brother?
Who comes back to town and shocks Pacey?
Who kisses Joey during the full moon?
Who do Dawson and Andie try to set up on a blind date for the dance?
Who's house did the gang go to to pull an all night study session?
Who in Andie's family do we learn suffers from a mental illness?
What tragedy caused that illness?
Who in the gang runs for class president?
Who is her running mate?
Who does Joey sketch naked for art class?
Who's note did Abby find on the classroom floor discussing a pair having sex for the first time?
What does Dawson recieve an award for in the mail?
Who writes a poem for English which reveals that he is gay?
Who comes to his defense and gets suspended as a result?
Who begins to take medication for anxiety?
Who comes back to Capeside and shocks Joey?
Who does the gang throw a surprise party for?
Who gets drunk at the bar before the party?
Who gets drunk on the pier and falls into the water and drowns?
What couple get back together near the end on the season?
Who catches Joey's dad selling drugs again?
Who helps police catch Mr. Potter trafficking?

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