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In what city is the show based?
What director is Dawson obsessed with?
What movie are Dawson and Joey watchng in the opening scene of the pilot?
What is the name of the man Dawson's mom is having an affair with?
Who first learns of Gail's(Dawson's mom) affair?
Where do Dawson and Pacey work?
What movie does Ms. Jacobs rent from Pacey?
Who is the first guy to ask Jen to the dance?
Who punches Pacey in the face in the movie theatre?
Where did Jen live before she appeared on the show?
How did Joey's mother die?
Why is Joey's dad in prison?
Where does Joey work?
What is the name of the boy Joey meets on the docks near her work?
What fake name does she give him?
What is the name of Pacey's cop brother?
Who delievers Bessie's (Joey's sister) baby?
Who loses their virginity in the first season?
What does Dawson throw at Pacey's face to land him in detention?
Where is their Saturday detention held?
What is the name of Jen's ex boyfriend that shows up unannounced?
Where do Pacey and Dawson go on a road trip to in episode 9?
Which two friends go on a double date (not with each other) in episode 10?
What is Dawson having a party for in the episode 'The Scare'
Who enters the beauty pagent in episode 12?
Who does Joey go to visit in the last episode of Season 1?
Where does Joey get an offer to travel abroad?

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