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Giant demon monster set out for revenge, brought up from a witch.
Evil genie that takes your soul after You've made your wishes.
Evil doll, possessed by a killer
Masked killer that was drowned as a kid. Kills with Machete
Kills people in their dreams.
Masked high school killer.
Lead Cenobite.
Kills people with chainsaw.
Kills people on Halloween
Demon that smells fear, and eats people to get more powerful... 23...
Black demon with a hook hand. Bees are quite attracted to him
Very tall mortician with a league of druids
Psychiatrist that ate people... (More of a thriller movie, but he's still a killer)
Teenagers killed him. He's back from the dead, but this time, he has a fish hook.
Little Irishman that wasn't really that bad, when you think about it
Clown (it was actually a tv movie)
Evil genius that kidnaps people that take life for granted.
Another killer doll (but this one has white hair, and a trench coat)
Bad little boy that liked to hurt things (Not Junior from 'Problem Child')
Probably tried on his mom's bra when he was a kid... (motel)
Family of redneck psychos that have probably killed over 1000 people
Sadist with a lot of tattoos that would probably LOVE myspace.

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