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Artificial Intelligence created by Tony Stark that goes awry
President of District 13 and Leader of Rebellion against the Capitol
A man who used a fictitious name to cover his identity
Darkest Wizard of all time
Brother of Britain's top secret agent and his greatest enemy
A member of the World Security Council who is an undercover HYDRA leader
Leader of the Capitol of Panem
A Romulan commander from a different timeline
An ancient mutant
Archenemy of Superman who manipulates Batman
A colonel out for revenge on the Avengers
Frost Giant and God of Mischief
Anarchist out to kill Batman
Computer Hacker out to kill his former boss
Wizard who allied with a greater evil
Leader of a lawful coven
A brilliant scientist gone berserk
One of the world's most powerful mutants
Founder of AIM out for revenge on Tony Stark
Conspirator who becomes Mayor
False lover of a princess
Former leader of the Autobots who allied with the Decepticons
A virus who poses as a king
A ventriloquist dummy from a children's book
A philanthropist who uses technology to control the world
An ape who rebels against his people
A mummy who rises from the dead
A teddy bear with a dictatorial personality
Political businessman who covers a city in a dome for protection
Leader of a British company bent on destroying piracy
Leader of a centuries-old organization
Businessman who goes insane
Distraught leader of the First Order
Emperor over the Galactic Empire
A fairy bent on having her son marry an already married princess
Witch who murdered Harry Potter's godfather
CEO of a company bent on kidnapping children
Scientist who builds robots as weapons
A police inspector bent on capturing a former fugitive
Brutish mercenary bent on fulfilling a legacy
Witch who is young forever and becomes queen
Warlord who intends to rebuild his people
Sorceress who calls herself a queen
Leader of a rogue Nazi organization and archenemy of Captain America
Businessman who sells Tony Stark out to terrorists
A toy who was never loved by children
A massive dragon who guards a treasure trove
Ghoulish pirate legend with a heartless personality
A scientist from the 1960's bent on taking over the world
Alien warlord bent on destroying a planet
Mercenary bent on killing Dominic Toretto and his team
A ruler who wants to be king
Deal maker who tricks the hero into signing a deal
Scientist mutant who disfigures hero
A cat who wants to rid the world of dogs
A politician who takes over the school
An evil entity who seeks to conquer Middle Earth
Businessman who is a terrorist mastermind
Criminal mastermind who is at wits with a famous detective
An agent gone rogue

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