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Can you pick one of the games being referenced in each of the following statements?

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In a world with ugly, blocky graphics, an Italian plumber wears a MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor.
A princess capturing monkey in Planet Zebes looks to eradicate the Locust Horde.
A child with a green hat was on a god killing spree, until he was instantly killed by a guy with a chainsaw.
An ex-SOLDIER with blonde, spiky hair hacks into ctOS, until he takes an arrow to the knee.
Eric Cartman plays an emperor that uses the Gravity Gun to capture 151 unique creatures.
In 1983, an attractive female archaeologist teleports into a different dimension, resulting in a video game industry crash.
A blue hedgehog joins the Allied Forces in World War II, but is forced to cut off his fingers after disgracing the Belmont family.
In a post dust storm Dubai, a man with accelerated aging has the power to throw balls of energy and execute jumping uppercuts at opponents.
A group of corrupt cops attempt to kill a kid with gigantic hands; he turned out to be alive, but what happened afterwards was mostly unknown.
A bunch of NBA players gain inhuman athleticism, which is used to kill Smokers and jump into haystacks.

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