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RLP stands for _______?
Genetically, which parent determines the sex of a baby?
The first stool a baby passes is called ______?
What is the greasy deposit covering the skin of a newborn called?
An 'upside down' baby is considered to be _______.
What has to dilate before a vaginal birth?
What do you call a pregnancy that has developed in the fallopian tube?
What is the medical term used for the surgical removal of a baby?
True or False: A newborn does not have kneecaps.
What habit can cause a full term baby to be smaller than expected?
Where would you get an episiotomy?
What is normally the first sign of pregnancy?
What is the last thing to be delivered?
What do you call it when you can see the baby's head before birth?
Soft, fine hair covering the body of a newborn is called ______?
On which day of the menstrual cycle does ovulation generally occur?
FMLA stands for______?
How many days is the typical human gestation?
True or False: The average birth weight of a full term baby is 8.5 pounds.
What hormone increases to sustain pregnancy?

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