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Group V
Smallest EU member state. 
The only country with a five-sided national flag. 
The name of these famous waterfalls means 'big water'. 
General San Martín and Avenida de Mayo are stations in this city's rail system. 
Vietnamese currency. 
Group VI
Official language of Iran. 
Mexico, Guatemala and Panama have capitals ending with 'city'. Name another such country. 
Add two letters to TABLE and scramble the letters to form this Canadian province. 
Southernmost US state capital, after Honolulu. 
Largest city of Tanzania; used to be its capital until 1996. 
Group VII
Prior to completion of The Shard, this tower in Frankfurt was the tallest in the EU. 
Second most recent UN member, admitted in 2006 
Longest Asian river. 
A slow moving mass of ice, formed by accumulation of snow. 
Lights, Cross and Ocean can all be preceded by this word. 
Group VIII
This waterway links the Mediterranean and Red Seas. 
This town in Anglesey, Wales boasts the longest place name in Europe. 
The shores of this hypersaline sea are the lowest lands on Earth. 
Sushi. Periodic Table element. US state. 
This Central Asian country houses the Kumtor Gold Mine; its economy depends heavily on gold exports. 

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