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Group I
Oregon, California and Washington all border this. 
Most recent UN member, admitted in 2011 
Northernmost Japanese prefecture 
Turkey is bound by 3 seas: Mediterranean to the north, Black to the south and which sea to the west? 
Fill the blank in this sequence: Lhotse, Kangchenjunga, _____, Everest 
Group II
Deutschland, in English 
Taekwondo originated from this country. 
Cardiff, Anglesey, Newport, Swansea 
Only country to have territories in the UTC +14 time zone. 
In this city you'll find the Palm Islands - artificial islands shaped like palm trees. 
Group III
The name of this city means 'January River'. 
Name a capital whose country borders Togo. 
Scotland, Finland and Greece's flags contain only blue and white. Name one other such country. 
An anagram of the 3rd letter of the Greek alphabet (Γ/γ) gives this substance found beneath Earth's surface. 
Deep End! Name the deepest part of Earth's oceans. 
Group IV
A narrow ravine, with steep rock walls. May have a river flowing through. 
Essex, Greater Manchester and Kent are examples of English ______. 
This devil inherits its name from the island state it inhabits. 
Tallest man-made structure in the world... 2,000 years ago! 
This country contains not a single A, E, I, O or U in its first eight letters. 

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