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After Dracula assassinates the president, Robin Hood goes to extreme lengths to prove the assassination was really a conspiracy.1991
Malcolm X and Aragorn stand up to Lex Luthor and Tony Soprano aboard a submarine in a battle to save the world from nuclear Armageddon.1995
Billy Flynn wins a case when Bruce Banner pretends to have a second, violent personality on the witness stand.1996
President Teddy Roosevelt saves Private Ryan with psychiatric therapy.1997
Forrest Gump Jr. tells John Mcclane that he is a dead man.1999
Jeff Spicoli surprises his brother, Gordon Gekko, with an elaborate birthday prank.1997
Tony Manero tries to convince Wolverine to hack some computers by having Catwoman seduce him.2001
Because Captain Hook will not fly with him, Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell takes him on a cross-country car ride.1988
Billy the Kid, Jesse James, and Hester Prynne get together after graduating and try to deal with adulthood, work and infedelities.1985
Mary Jane Watson jumps around in her underwear while Frodo tries to steal Ophelia from the Riddler. 2004
While Darth Vader dies of cancer, Indiana Jones and the Green Goblin battle a CIA-backed Colombian drug lord.1994
Dumbledore, before he dies, trains Jesus and helps him escape from prison so he can gain his vengeance on Alexander Hartdegen.2002
Agent Smith rescues Queen Amidala from the secret police and gradually convinces her to help him blow up the British government.2006
Roy Hobbs, Virgil Tibbs and Elwood Blues steal the ultimate codebreaker hacking device from Gandhi1992
Mad Max stalks Tinkerbell. They finally meet and Captain Picard tries to kill them both.1997
Lucky Day, Felicity Shagwell, and Mary Sunshine drive Axel Foley insane by making him act in their independent film.1999
Santa Claus takes Ellen Ripley and Zaphod Beeblebrox to the far side of the galaxy to battle aliens. Monk gets busy with an alien hottie.1999
After his girlfriend moves in with Ebby Calvin LaLoosh, Martin Q. Blank has dinner with Velma Kelly and a one-night stand with Denise Huxtable.2000
Julia Child and James Bond sing and dance in Greece.2008
Siddhartha falls for Tank Girl while trying to stop Johnny Castle from robbing banks.1991
Matthew Quigley, Sam Malone and Sgt Mahoney adopt Harriet’s daughter. Spock directed!1987
Dirk Pitt battles Keyser Soze in the courtroom to save the life of Jules Winfield. Hawkeye Pierce, Porthos and Miss Congeniality help out while Jack Bauer joins the KKK.1996
Snake Plissken, Jim Morrison, and The Stranger shoot people in a barnyard. Corporal Dwayne Hicks is no daisy. No daisy at all.1993
Daredevil and Jason Bourne try to get Dudley Do-Right kicked out of their catholic school.1992
Ensign Ro Laren, Fox Mulder and Louis de Pointe du Lac drive cross-country taking pictures, writing books and killing people.1993
Sam Gerard and Jim West fight Orson Welles for possession of the galaxy.1997
Professor Trelawney is unknowingly controlling Mugato’s every move as he audits Rachel Dawes and eats her cookies. Ben Braddock gives better advice than Mozart.2006

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