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Can you name the fake movies from sienfeld?

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Starring Glenn Close and Sally Field. Susan drags George to see this against his will
'a hell of a movie' starring Harrison Ford
After seeing this awful movie with George, Jerry has to sit through it again when he refuses to tell Elaine he saw it without her
A direct to video movie about a female coma victim and her husband played unforgettably by Eric Roberts
A young woman's strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk
Bootlegged by Kramer after Jerry refuses and taped over by Elaine dancing
When someone tries to blow you up, not because of who you are, but for different reasons altogether
Starring Dabney Coleman
One of Kramer's Moviefone movies
Elaine and her date go to see this when the movie they want to see is sold out
One of Kramer's Moviefone movies
'That's gotta hurt!'
Your next move could be your last
(film title): 32 miles of hell
One of Kramer's Moviefone movies; it's the one Elaine wanted to see
One of Kramer's Moviefone movies
Nikki gets Jerry and her two tickets to this sold out movie
An old woman experiences pain and yearning
A film about a Spanish conquistador and his search for the mythical fountain of youth
There's no higher place than... (film title)!' Starring Kevin Bacon and Susan Sarandon

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