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Can you name the the important facts of Fauset's life?

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FactAnswerHint (Hope You Don't Need This)
Characters 'pass' as _________Hide their heritage
She was the __________ child in her familyIt's a number
Jessie is the '______' of the Harlem RenaissanceHelps women give birth
Rejected by_________It's a college
Story about the Strange familyWritten in 1931
Editor of _____________Chosen by W.E.B. Du Bois
Got a graduate degree from ______In an adjacent state to Ohio
FactAnswerHint (Hope You Don't Need This)
She was an early ________Believes women to be superior
A woman marries a man for money but regrets itIdentity Over Riches
First novelPublished in 1924
Editor of this kid's magazineLike a Girl Scout
A book about two African American sistersTitle almost rhymes
Graduated with ___ _____ ______ honors from CornellThree words
This was her least popular novelAlso her last novel

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