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DefinitionVocab Term
meiosis I seperates _____ of homologous chromsomes
chromosomes which do not determine the sex of an individual are called
most human DNA is
The end product of translation is
these two gentelman completed the first 3-D model of DNA
codons are made up of __ bases
During meiosis a diploid cell will form four _____ cells
____ ____ is based on Mendal's experiments
2n refers to a _____ cell
What gets duplicated during the S phase?
bacteria reproduce by
the trait that results from the expression of the alleles is the
condons code for specific
A heterozygous cross will yield a generation with a ratio of ____ dominant to recessive
Meiosis produces
Sexual Reproduction rerquires ___ individuals
A _____ has the identical genome of its parent
the S pahse is also known as
____ chromosomes determine the sex of an individual
G1 and G2 are the________ phases
M stands for _____ in the cell cycle
chromatids can exchange genetic information in a process known as
a ____ trait is always expressed
Gregor Mendel experimented with
a ____ trait is only express if there are two copies of the allele
DefinitionVocab Term
many human genes are ____ to those of other species (relationship)
a ______ is the actual set of alleles that determian traits
Griffith showed that genetic material could be ____ between cells
what is the first phase of mitosis
asexual reproduction produces a(n) _____ ______ offspring to its parent
in what phase do the chromosomes line up in the center
transcription changes DNA to
G1, S, G2, and M make up the
If an offspring is in between its two parents ____ dominance is present
hapliod cells contains ___ set of chomosomes
if two genes are close together on the same chromosome and the traits the express are said to be
what is DNA wrapped around in its condensed form?
_____ _____ usually refers to the transfer of DNA from one organism to another
what phase do the chromosomes migrate to the poles of the cells
what is the last phase of mitosis
what is the condensed form of DNA called
if both alleles for the same gene are expressed its called
bacterial chromosomes are shaped like
chromosomes that are simular in size, shape, and genetic content are called
humans have relatively ___ genes (number)
the human genome project ____ the human genome
the ____ regulates gene expression in prokaryotes
protien is synthesized in these organelles
All Humans are ______ close
GMO means

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