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Can you name the terms on bacteria and viruses for your final?

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cells which have no organells other than ribosomes are called
Cells with membrane bound organells are called
All bacteria have a cell membrane enclosd by a
Bacteria have a chromosome shaped like a
bacteria and ______ are the prokaryotes
gram positive bacteria have a ____ peptidoglycan layer
Gram negitive bacteria have thin layer of petidoglycan and an outer
Gram positive bateria will appear ____ when a gram stain is performed
Gram negative bateria will appear ___ when a gram stain is performed
The primary way bactreria reproduce is through
With binary fission there is no exchange of _____ materia, rather the two daughter cells are clones of the mother
Bacteria can exchange genetic information with each other through a process called
When bacteria take up DNA fragments from the environment it is called
When a ____ injects a plasmid into a bacteria it is called transduction
True or Flase all bacteria are harmful.
True or false plants require bacteria to take in nutrients form the soil and to fix nitrogen
A ____ is a structure that some bacteria form to survive harsh conditions
Viruses (are/are not) alive
The protien coat that encloses the genetic material is called the
Some viruses have a membrane layer that surrounds the capsid called a(n)
The genetic material of all viruses is either
The ___ cycle is the cycle of infection, replication and cell destruction
If the DNA of a virus enters the host cells genome and does not destroy the cell, the virus is in the
A viral infection begins when the gentic material of the virus
A virsu needs a _____ to repoduce
The primary way a bacterium will cause an infection is through
____ are effective agains bacteria, but not viruses
_____ was the first antibiotic to be discovered
when bacteria are not longer effected by antibiotics we call them
widespread use of antibiotics can cause bacteria to _____ and become resistant

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