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Older brother?
Younger brother?
What creatures ashes are needed at one point?
Name the Episode: 'Too precious for this world!'
Who said it: 'It's the shortened version of my name.'
What color are Castiel's eyes?
Who is the funniest angel?
What color is Meg's hair in appearance in S1?
Dean's well-known catchphrase is...
What university did Sam attend in S1?
What repels spirits?
How do you kill a ghoul?
In what episode does Dean yell, 'PUDDING!'
What can usually be found on Bobby's head?
Bobby's well-known catchphrase is...
Pamela thinks Sam has a nice...
What does Sam draw on Dean's car in S1?
In 'Provenance', who was actually doing the killings?
Who 'deserves to be loved'?
Who owns the roadhouse?
What band does Dean hum to calm him down on the airplane?
'Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his...'
In S1, Meg tells the brothers to meet her at Sunrise. What does Sunrise actually turn out to be?
If you were in a diner with Dean, you'd probably see him order what?
What can kill almost anything?
Where does Charlie go in S9?
'Fight the...!'
When Dean says 'BItch', Sam says...
What bleeds black goo?
What's Dean's guilty pleasure?
Who is eventually Michael's vessel?
What is the language of the angels?
Young prophet who was in AP?
Castiel is usually found wearing his famous...
Sam's nickname (for Dean's use only):
Ronald is convinced that the shifter is actually a what in S2?
Why wouldn't Dean die in the hospital in S1?
What hurts a shapeshifter?
Which horsemen REALLY likes pizza?
Instead of swearing, we say...
How many seals are there?
What did Dean do when he got hit by a car in 'Mystery Spot'?
Humanoid monsters with spider-like abilities and attributes are called...
Sam's biggest fear?
Dean's biggest fear?
Demons dislike this word:
Balthazar hates this movie:
Ghosts ooze what?
What does 'gank' mean?
How do you trap an angel?

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