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the master game plan candidates lay out to guide their electoral campaign
riots broke out over the Vietnam War
decided that voters have no say in who their party nominee is
people who are award automatic slots as delegates based on the offices they currently hold
system for selecting delegates used in about a dozen rural states in which voters must attend a meeting to express their preference
one of the more important Caucus
the recent tendency of states to hold primaries early in the calendar in order to capitalize on meida attention
speaker outlines the party's basic principles and touts the nominee to be
a partys statement of its goal and policies for the next four years
the government gave the party's money so that they could see what they were spending money on
individual contributions can be matched by the treasury
political contributions earmarked for party-building expenses at the grass-roots level or for generic party advertising.
Supreme Court ruled that a candidate can spend however much he wants on his own campaign
a characterization of elections by political scientists meaning that they are almost universally accepted as a fair and free method selecting political leaders.
a state-level method of direct legislation that gives voters a chance to approve or disapprove proposed legislation or a proposed constitutional amendment
a process permitted in some states whereby voters may put proposed changes in the state law to a vote if sufficient signatures are obtained on petitions
the legal right to vote
felons are not allowed to vote
the belief that a single vote can make a difference
the belief that in order to support democratic government, a citizen should vote
when renewing your drivers liscene the DMV is required to ask if you would like to register to vote
the idea that the winning candidate has a mandate from the people to carry out his or her platforms and politics
535 members
John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Republicans
those already holding office, in congressional elections they usually win
members of congress can send mail under their signature without postage
helping constituents as individuals, particulary by cutting through red tape
federal projects, grant, and contracts available to state and local governments, businesses, colleges and other institutions in a congressional district
legislature divided into two houses
tunnel in Boston that costed millions to build and is seen as a failure
reviews bills coming from committee before they are passed
opponents of a piece of legislation use unlimited debate to prevent it from being passed
Standing committees, joint committees, confernece committees, select committess
people in D.C. can vote
the VP takes over if in the president is disabled

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