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corresponding in type of structure and derived from a common primitive origin
the fundamental physical and fuctional unit of heredity
mature male sheep
potential for genetic variation due to independent assortment, gamete selection, etc.
young horse of either sex
young female horse
mature male horse
mature male pig
a term designating an individual that possesses unlike genes for a particular trait
young male horse
mature female sheep
young female pig
a special type of cell nuclear division that is undergone in the production of gametes. As a result of meiosis, each gamete carries half the number of chromosomes of a typical body
castrated male cattle
castrated male pig
rectal temp: 101.5, gestation length: 283 days, lifespan: 14 years, herding instinct: strong
the self-replicating genetic structure of cells containing the cellular DNA that bears in its nucleotide sequence the linear array of genes
young cattle
mature female cattle
rectal temp: 100, gestation length: 336 days, lifespan: 25 years, herding instinct: weak to moderate
mature female horse
mature female pig
one-half of the diploid number of chromosomes for a given species, as found in the germ cells
young sheep
mature male cattle
male and female reproduction cells, the sperm and the egg
a term designating an individual whose genes for a particular trait are alike
castrated male horse
1. the cell formed by the union of the two gametes 2. an individual from the time of the fertilization until death
the place on a chromosome where a gene is located
young female cattle
having the normal, paired chromosomes of somatic tissue as produced by the doubling of the primary chromosomes of the germ cells at fertilization
castrated male sheep
a process in which a cell divides to produce two daughter cells, each of which contains the same chromosome complement as the mother cell from which they came
rectal temp: 102.5, gestation length: 114 days, lifespan: 4-10 years, herding instinct: weak to moderate
genes occupying corresponding loci in homologous chromosomes that affect the same heredity trait but in different ways
rectal temp: 102.3, gestation length: 150 days, lifespan: 8 years, herding instinct: very strong

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