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Bile is required for what?
How an animal gets food into its mouth
The bonds in starch
Water, Protein, Carbohydrates, Minerals, Fat, Vitamins
Horses dont have what?
Large fermentation pouch of the ruminant animal which breaks down fibrous plant material
Building blocks of protein
Speeds up chemical bonds, 'chemical scissors'
Easily digestible available energy
Where is bile produced?
%N x 6.25
All protein has what?
Bugs dont do well with what?
Wood cellulose
Animal will die if it vomits
The bonds in cellulose
One stomach animal
Wher do bugs live in the digestive system?
Both cellulose and non-structural CHO are both made up of what
Microbes take care of amino acids
What live in stomachs to help digest food in animals
Where is bile stored?
Molasses, by-products
Energy value of carbohydrate
Large, sock-shaped pouch between the horses small and large intestine
A mammal whose stomach has four parts
Oilseeds, green forages, animal products
Where is calcium is absorbed where?

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