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Can you name the Programs that aired on the USA Cartoon Express?

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Small dogs modeled after Robin Hood
Blue Bloodhound and his friends
A group of musicians that also solved mysteries
Carried a big club, a parody of Charlie's Angels
Transformers wanna-be's?
Teenagers with 2 dogs who solved crimes
Stunt motorcyclist with a traveling circus
Robot Super Dog
A modern stone-age family
A modern stone-age family doing stand-up?
Teenagers and their dog chase ghost...only some are actual ghosts not just a guy in a mask
40-feet tall and purple
Always trying to escape from Wonderland Zoo
His alter-ego is a mild-mannered janitor
Has a heavy Southern drawl
Not so tall, but good at solving crimes
A shark that sounds a lot like one of the 3 stooges
Female Tarzan
3 Teams, 1 winner, or sometimes 2
An ape, a horse, a reptile, and a wolf
A modern stone-age family...or at least the men
One of the most-popular video games of all time
A tribe of small bears
The children of a modern stone-age family
The Italian counterparts of a modern stone-age family?
Solves mysteries with the gang and has his own line of snacks
A group of critter with really cool clothes
A pelican, a woodpecker, and a penguin...on roller skates!
3 apples high and blue
Swim along with the...
This was before his talk show...
Answer to #31, The Herculoids, Teen Force, and Astro and the Space Mutts
Car races...and solving mysteries of course
A family and their dog get caught in a whirlpool while rafting and land in a prehistoric land and befreind a caveman and his family
A VW beetle and jealous gang of motorcycles
He LOVES picnic baskets...
He even loves picnic baskets in a rocket ship
A boy and his dog...until he slams his magic wristbands together
Sega's poster boy
Nintendo's poster boy
G-Force protects the earth
Flying cars and big lizards
Alvin, Simon, Theodore...and popcorn
Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do...only set in the future with no shirtless drunk men
Annoyed Mr. Wilson on a daily basis
A group of teens and a big lizard...who all liked to skateboard
Flying ships and big lizards
Dirk the Daring protects Princess Daphne
Hey, hey hey...
A real American hero...
By the power of Grayskull...
Whatcha gonna do when the 24' pythons run wild on you brother?!?
Lightning League vs. Monster Minds
Truly outrageous...
I pity the fool that doesn't watch my cartoon!
Who ya gonna call?
Twin sister of #51
Sega's spiky poster boy...again
Arguably the 2 most recognizable super heroes on earth
Heroes in a half-shell...
A boy who can morph into a car
Where Power Rangers got their idea...
A red-head and a big laugh...

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