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What movie villain famously revealed to his son 'I am your father!'? 
What TV show featured originally roommates Jack, Janet, and Chrissy? 
Rupert Holmes asked if you liked getting caught in the rain with what beverage? 
What Hawaiian-shirt wearing crime-fighter made his TV debut on 12-11-1980? 
In what is now know as the “Miracle on Ice”, the USA pulled off perhaps the biggest upset in ice hockey history by defeating what country in the Olympic semifinals? 
What movies features an archaeology teacher racing against the Nazis to recover a the chest that once contained the stone tablets that the 10 Commandments were written on? 
On 8-1-1981, MTV made its debut by airing what music video? 
Who replaced Chuck Woolery as the host of Wheel of Fortune? 
What Belgian comic characters, around since 1958, made their US cartoon debut on 9-12-1981? 
What famous wedding occurred on 7-29-1981?  
What type of candy did E.T. The Extraterrestrial make famous? 
What Boston bar knew everybody's name? 
Michael Jackson blew up the charts with the release of this album. 
What team defeated the Milwaukee Brewers in seven games to win the World Series? 
What comedian and SNL cast member died of a drug overdose on 4-5-1982? 
The Griswolds set out on their first family vacation to what amusement park? 
What famous dolls made their debut on store shelves, causing riots in toy departments all across the U.S.? 
This popular 'love song' released by The Police is actually about an obsessive ex. 
Sally Ride became the fist woman to accomplish what feat on 6-18-1983? 
The death of singer Karen Carpenter made Americans aware of what now commonly discussed disorder? 
What movie villain began terrorizing the residents of Springfield, OH? 
What was the name of the only male Huxtable child? 
What 3 colors did the Culture Club believe would make loving easy in Karma Chameleon? 
What fast-food chain asked 'Where's the beef?'? 
Hannibal, Face, Murdock, and B.A. made up what famous mercenary group? 
Whose treasure were The Goonies searching for? 
What group 'thanked you for being a friend' every week on NBC? 
What music group wanted you to 'wake me up before you go go'? 
What type of car did Marty McFly need to get up to 88mph in order to travel through time? 
David Letterman introduced the first of these on his late night talk show. 
Ferris Bueller famously took a day off on what city? 
Gordon Shumway, who debuted on TV on 9-22-1986, is better known by what name? 
What actor/comedian hit #7 on the Billboard chart with the song Party All the Time? 
What space shuttle exploded just moments after takeoff on 1-28-1986? 
In what movie did Tom Cruise confess to having a 'need for speed'? 
Who made sure that nobody put Baby in a corner? 
What sitcom followed the lives of the Bundy family? 
What music group wanted everyone to Walk Like an Egyptian 
Phil Sims, QB for the New York Giants, became the first person to utter what now-commonly used phrase after winning the Super Bowl? 
What was the name of Budweiser's true party animal? 
What movie had catcher Crash Davis convincing his young pitcher Nick LaLoosh that he couldn't breathe though his eyelids? 
What singer was Never Gonna Give You Up? 
What slogan did Nike introduce in 1988? 
What 2 WWF superstars faced off in the company's first ever primetime network special The Main Event on 2-5-1988? 
What TV talk show host suffered a broken nose when a fight broke out during his show? 
Henry Jones, Jr. and his father searched for the Holy Grail in what movie? 
What history-making primetime cartoon debuted on 12-17-1989? 
What music group reminded everyone that Every Rose Has Its Thorn? 
What German phrase meaning 'driving enjoyment' did Volkswagen introduce to the world? 
What mascot was introduced in 1989 and is still going and going and going... 

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