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During which process does air circulate due to differences in temperature and density?
What color will absorb heat the fastest?
What type of surface will absorb heat the fastest? (Smooth or Rough)
Which type of radiation is reradiated back into the atmosphere?
Which type of electromagnetic radiation has the longest wavelength?
A cup of water is heated from 10 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius in 3 minutes. What was the rate of change?
What type of air mass will form in central Canada?
On which side of a mountain range does all rain fall?
Wind forms because of differences in...
What percent of the troposphere is oxygen?
What is the Celsius measurement of 80 degrees Fahrenheit?
Which type of front experiences heavy precipitation at the front?
What is the name for the tiny particles needed to form water droplets in clouds?
What is the wind speed of a weather station with two and a half feathers?
A rapid increase in the temperature of an area is most likely the result of a passing...
Finish the rhyme: High, Dry, ...
What is the relative humidity if the air temperature and dew point are equal?
Close isobars represent what?
Most weather moving across the US go toward the...
In which direction do winds move around a low pressure system?
Which material will heat up and cool down the fastest?
The Coriolis Effect is due to Earth's...
How much energy is gained by a 50g ice cube when it melts?
Does a hurricane gain or lose energy when it reaches land?
A northeast wind comes from which direction?
The shaded circle on a weather station model represents what?
Water vapor, carbon dioxide, and methane are all examples of what?
This value goes on the top left of a weather station model.
Code the air pressure 1013.2 mb.
Decode the air pressure 986.
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