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As air temperature increases, potential evapotranspiration...
Will large or small particles have greater permeability?
All low pressure systems in the US move in what direction?
What value needs to be considerably greater than precipitation in order for a region to be considered arid?
In which hemisphere would you be located if your winter falls in July?
Will large or small particles have greater capillarity?
As the population of an area increases, the pollution in the area...
What property of water allows is to moderate the yearly temperature of coastal cities?
How much precipitation does an arid climate receive?
Will sorted or unsorted particles have a greater porosity?
As the slope of the surface increases, the infiltration rate...
Is the climate at the North and South Poles humid or arid?
Which factor does not effect porosity?
You have 100ml of sorted marbles, you add 50 ml of water, the new reading is 120ml, how much pore space is there?
Sediments with a diameter of 1cm would be classified as what size?
What does water vapor need in the atmosphere in order to condense to form droplets?
What is the name of the zone located below the water table?
During what season would an observer in New York experience the greatest potential evapotranspiration?

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