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LyricsSong TitleArtist
Standin' here beneath these billboard lights, takes me back to those Autumn nights (2010)
He had grown old and gray and his mind was wandering (1991)
There's a teenage kid, no matter what he did, Nobody ever understands (1993)
We're all looking for redemption, Just afraid to say the name (2004)
My cousins' gettin' married at the Methodist church (1997)
I had a one night stand with my best friend's baby sister (2007)
Just a couple kids a couple years ago, Now we got a couple kids of our own (2008)
Now Broadway's like a sewer, bums and hookers everywhere (1991)
We use to pull off highway 249, Had a cool little place where we'd go hide on a Friday night (2009)
Everywhere I look it’s lovers that I see, Seems like everyone’s in love, everyone but me (1996)
Dim the lights, Lock the door, Spread your pictures on the floor (1999)
No don't tell me 'bout the speed limit, I'll drive a million miles a minute (1996)
What'cha gonna do when he says 'Honey, I've got a half a mind to stay.' (1992)
I guess the Lord made me hard to handle, So lovin' me might be a long shot gamble (2005)
From the backroads to the Broadway shows, with a million miles between (1988)
Well the girl I love, stole her from a friend, He got lucky, stole her back again (1993)
He thought that she'd surely run away, No fairytale ever started this way (1997)
I think I'd rather die and go to hell and face the devil (1990)
So I'll just order up another and pretend I'm all right (2006)
This past year my family, Was sittin cross-legged 'round the Christmas tree (2008)
LyricsSong TitleArtist
I get up on Sunday's, 'bout 8:15, Just to get the paper that I never read (2001)
Uncle Joe and Uncle Jake, haven't spoken since '98, just said 'Hello.' (2008)
I'm not giving you a hour or a second or another minute longer (2011)
Well Toby Keith never looked so good, Hangin' out right there on the front of her black t-shirt (2009)
Might get your picture in the hometown paper, Maybe buy your mama that Cadillac (2009)
And I can hear the neighbor's, they're arguin' again (2000)
One day you could be as lost as me, Change you're geography (2011)
The only two bad apples on our family tree, Kind of ripened and rotted in our puberty (2003)
She sat all alone on a bus out of Beaumont, the courage of just eighteen years (1998)
I'd never guessed that at midnight Tuesday, I could have pizza ordered in (2001)
I saw stars dancing on the water, I heard Elvis singing 'Blue Suede Shoes' (1993)
My mind told me I should proceed with caution, But my heart said, 'go ahead an' make a bid on that!' (1995)
An' she said: 'Everything on that list in your hand, Is hidden somewhere in your heart.' (2003)
He caught her goin' through his record collection, Lookin' at Hendricks like a love sick pup (1994)
Every night it's the same, I hear you calling my name (2004)
And the white line's getting longer and the saddle's getting cold (1989)
The marquee misspelled his name, And not too many people came (1996)
Ain't it funny, how a broken home can bring the prices down (1992)
Well, the weatherman says it's gonna be a hot one, Heard it on the radio (2010)
But I never dreamed home would end up where I don't belong (2002)

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