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Nicknamed the Peace Garden State
Largest city is Birmingham
David Letterman was born here
Bill Clinton was the governor in this state
Home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Starbucks was founded here
Has the only state flag with two separate designs
Named for Lord De La Warr
Largest bible binding factory in the US is located here
Number one producer of peanuts, pecans and peaches in the US
Approximately one of out every eight US residents lives here
The last of the 13 original colonies to become a state
Home to the first McDonald's restaurant
First American flag was made here by Betsy Ross
World's largest limestone quarry is found here
Setting for the movie 'Twister'
Only state that grows coffee
Home to the first subway system in the US
First state to give women the right to vote
President Harry S. Truman was born here
Chevrolet Corvettes are manufactured in this state
More microbreweries per capita than any other state in the US
Home of Harley Davidson motorcycles
Home to the original Pizza Hut
Only state whose name is one syllable
The 48th state
Home to the Miss America pagaent
Leads the nation in furniture production
The Mayo Clinic is located here
Pez candy is made here
The oldest city in the US is located in this state
Potato capital of the USA
Home to the oldest land grant college in the USA
Still refers to the Napoleonic Code in its state law
Babe Ruth was born in this state
Has more species of mammals than any other state in the US
Home of the College World Series
First state to have a sales tax
Named after Queen Elizabeth I
Seventh largest state
First to declare independence from England
Until 1996 was the only state without a WalMart
Only state capital compromised of three words
Highest capital in the USA is in this state
Dr. Pepper was invented here
Home to the first railroad in the USA
Mount Rushmore is located here
The first battle of the Civil War took place in this state
Dolly Parton grew up in this state
The state motto is 'North to the Future'

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