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Can you name the lead singer for these supporting bands?

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Supporting BandSinger's Name(Un)helpful Hint
The News'Their early work was a little too new wave for my taste'
The RevolutionDave Chappelle character
The E Street Band... from Asbury Park
The Sunshine BandRoller derby staple
The Mothers of InventionGoing to Montana soon?
The WailersNo Woman
The AttractionsBanned from Saturday Night Live for 12 years
The Silver Bullet BandQuick: name a city in Nepal
The AnimalsThe House of the Rising Sun was not about Japan
The Four SeasonsNot Vivaldi
The MiraclesWas VP of Motown
The PipsNot named after the AI in Portal
The DominosFor a while billed as 'Eric Clapton and Friends'
WingsRumored to have died in 1966
The BlackheartsDo you love rock 'n' roll?
The Destroyersaka The Delaware Destroyers
Supporting BandSinger's Name(Un)helpful Hint
The HeartbreakersDied in 2017
Crazy Horse'A southern man don't need him around anyhow…'
The Beaver Brown BandOn the 'Eddie and the Cruisers' soundtrack
The M.G.'sThis keyboardist was discovered at age 17
The BansheesJeepers Creepers...
The RangeThat's just the way it is
The TimeWorked a lot with the '...and the Revolution' guy
The BunnymenFormed in Liverpool in 1978
New BohemiansMarried to Paul Simon
The Egyptians(Hint not found)
The Gimme GimmesEntitled person's mantra
The Lizard WizardReleased 5 albums in 2017
The MachineThat song in the iPad 2 commercial
The TantrumsThe whistle song no one remembers the name of
The GangMandatory wedding reception playlist staple
The DiamondsNow just goes by her own name

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