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scientist who proposed the term virusa filterable poison that transmitted disease
third step of infectionmaking protein and nucleic acid
first step of infectionuses receptors
fourth step of infectionputting together virus (virus factory)
membrane surrounding capsidcreated by budding
1st virus identifiedstudied by Ivanowsky and Beijerinck
virus that infects bacteriadiscovered by d'Herrelle
Severe Disease causing virusfactor can be transmitted by HGT
viral cycle that doesn't destroy host cellgenome integrates in chromosome
cause fake or abortive infections to provide immunityJenner was first
way of counting virus titerobserving holes in a cell layer
viral genomesame as mRNA
normal growth gene that is no longer controlledcauses cancer
protein shell enclosing viral genomehelical, icosahedral or complex
last step of infectionbudding or lysis
Step that releases viral genome in eukaryotic cellsremoves protein coat
phage reproduction that ends in cell deathlyses the cell
bacteriophage genome that has integrated into the bacterial chromosomeTemperate phage
visible changes to a cell that indicate infectionsyncytia, Negri bodies, virogenic stroma
repeating units of protein that make the capsidcauses viral shape
Virus like protein that causes diseaseTSE, vCJD, mad cow
shingles is this type of infectionactivated by stress
second step of infectionvirus enters cell
horizontal gene transfer from virus to cellsprophage
cell protein where virus binds'lock and key'
enzyme that transcribes DNA from RNAreverses Central Dogma
type of viruses that replicate through reverse transcription of single stranded RNAcause HIV or cancer
the different organisms that a virus can infectmay be one or many

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