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Do you know the importance of Glycolysis?

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Type ATP
starting substrate
# of carbons
uses one ATP, type ATPhexokinase
step 2, type ATPphosphoglucoisomerase
uses one ATP, type ATPphosphofructokinase
steps 4 and 5, type ATPaldolase, triosephosphateisomerase
makes how many G3P?
# of carbons
makes NADH, type NADHtriose phosphate dehydrogenase
How many NADH per glucose?
makes ATP, type ATPphosphoglycerolkinase
# ATP made per glucose
step 8, type ATPphosphoglycerolmutase
step 9, type ATPenolase
step 10, type ATPpyruvate kinase
# ATP made per glucose?
final product
# of carbons
total ATP made per glucoseplus 2 NADH

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