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Can you name the First 18 Presidents and their Major Events?

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Kansas Nebraska Act, Ostend Manifesto
Pushed for New Mexico and California statehood, died of cholera 1 year into presidency
Nullification Crisis, Indian removal act
Oregon Country issues, Mexican American war, Walker Tarrif
Kept slavery out of territories, compromise of 1850
Era of Good Feelings, Missouri Compromise, Panic of 1819
'Doughface,' tried to keep peace between North and South, Bachelor President,
Civil War, preserved the Union
Part of the Reconstruction, first to be impeached
Fought KKK, Panic of 1873, 'General Corruption'
Got rid of Alien and Sedition acts, bought Lousiana Territory
XYZ Affair, signed alien and sedition acts
Panic of 1837
Died of pneumonia one month after his inauguration
Whiskey Rebellion
War of 1812
Promoted education and paid national debt
President without a party, 1845 annex of Texas

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