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A quiz on Teachers Funeral about the characters and events.

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who burned down the privy
who was crying in the girls privy
Who is the sweet singer
What car did Eugene drive
were the tarboxes liked
what is glenns last names
who was the teacher before Tansy
whos land does glenn cross on his way to school
what did Charlie and Russell smoke
who did Glenn marry
Who did pearl marry
where did glenn live most of the book
what haircut did Lloyd have
where does this take place
what is charlies last name
who is the preacher
what did Charlie and Russell blame the privy fire on
are they happy about there teachers death
why are they happy about her death
what has to happen to close down the school
who did tansy have to take gum away from
Eugene works for what comapny
Charlie can grab what with his bare hands
why doesn't the tarboxes mom want them to learn
who out lives theres there generation
which two people lose there eyebrows
how do they lose there eyebrows
what is the gunpowder accident
who does charlie blame for the snake in the drawer
who does tansy blame the explosion on
who is the author
how many parts are there
Wher does Russell want to go
Little britches wins whtat competition
flopears suprised people by being what
Russell wants to work in what machine
What excuse dos charlie use to attack glenn
who is a better cook Tansy or Aunt Maud
who becomes the teacher after Charlies dad
Tarboxes take things from the school house which one do not they take
What is Russells dog named
What does J.W. stand for
Is dad used to the new technology
what do they use as a bath
What does Eugene use to keep in touch with Tansy
Who is Russels little brother
Who is lloyds big sister
What made Russel worry about Tansy becoming the teacher
how many papges long is the story
Who does Glenn blame all the incidents on
Why does he think they did this
how many chapters are there
what is part 1 called
what is part 2 called
What is part 3 called
what is the name of chapter 1
What is the name of chapter 2
What is the name of chapter 3
What is the name of chapter 4
What is the name of chapter 5
What is the name of chapter 6
What is the name of chapter 7
What is the name of chapter 8
What is the name of chapter 9
What is the name of chapter 10
What is the name of chapter 11
What is the name of chapter 12
What is the name of chapter 13
What is the name of chapter 14
What is the name of chapter 15
What is the name of chapter 16
What is the name of chapter 17
This book is described as a what
Does Charlie make it to Highschool
Who does russel mary

From the Vault

Parting Shots VI

by Hejman

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