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Can you name the Members of the chi phi grand council?

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Forced Order
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TitleNameExtra Info
Grand AlphaNational President, elected by congress and appoints other members
Grand BetaChaplain
Grand GammaSecretary. Does minutes at congress and meetings of the grand council. Supervises the use of the seals of the fraternity.
Grand DeltaTreasurer of the fraternity. Ensures proper bookeeping records.
Grand Epsiloncustodian of the records
Grand ZetaHistorian, oversees the goliard program and advises the grand council
Grand EtaAttorney, Second in rank.
Grand ThetaGraduate or undergraduate
TitleNameExtra Info
Grand IotaUndergraduate
ScholasticOversees scholastic programs
Heritage & TraditionsMaintains ritual, heritage, and traditions
Member at Large
Member at Large
Member at Large
Member at Large
Executive DirectorOnly hired member, Full time employee.

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