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A video about not being able to trust your eyes; two girls eat flowers, a transparent umbrella is covered in paint from a watering can
A (mostly) noir film about a bartender, a waitress, a singer, and a dancer flirting with a musician; sparkly gold trenchcoats
Lifeguards partying and drinking Sprite
Boys with superpowers trying to escape the hospital where they're being experimented on
When a member falls in love, their heart explodes into confetti
B horror movie parody - a boy's car breaks down and the house he visits hosts a very enthusiastic wannabe bride and her zombie backup dancers
A man chastises people for not doing the right thing - a popular group for being rude, a restaurant for using MSG, and a girl for wearing overly revealing clothing to the gym
A man is jealous that his best friend is getting married - because he's in love with him
Two crew members working on a musical fantasize about being on stage, while working undercover to figure out who's trying to kill the lead
A young wannabe dancer auditions to join a professional group; the teacher sees potential, takes her on, and falls in love with her, only to fall ill and have to leave
Fans thought that they would get a conclusion to an intertwined series of intricate music videos; they got seven boys dancing in a field
A talk show host has a button that forces people to dance; everyone gets locked in a freezer
Four boys try to climb rock walls and ropes and hair to reach a girl at the top of a tower who really isn't interested
After a bad date, a girl's friends help her gear up to show her boyfriend what he's losing; underage girls in leather
Boys rob a jewelry store to be able to pay ransom on a member's girlfriend...
... but end up being betrayed and killed by another member, whom she's dating on the side and set up the fake kidnapping with
Hair stylists drug rude male clients in order to draw on their faces, then shoot the place up
Each member in a scene of a different film/franchise, controlled by a man with a camera lense
When the owner leaves, store mannequins come to life and dance around and try on clothes
Mozart and Salieri have a composing battle with one member screaming the group's name on loop

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