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A girl who lives in the desert, dreaming about a snow-covered mountain
A member falls asleep on the beach and has a nightmare about becoming soda bottles
Alice in Wonderland
A hiphop celebration of Korean culture; named after a famous traditional song
A full-blown classic Western movie; a member steals a crown, another drops a watermelon and cries
The members are locked in cages and experimented on by a sadistic girl with a giant needle
One member runs a machine that creates identical dolls of the others
A girl being treated like a baby doll by a manipulative boyfriend is dumped but picked up and cared for until she slowly remembers that she's human, too
Four girls arguing about their height
A waiter finally has enough of being mistreated by customers and coworkers and goes on a rampage with a baseball bat
An artistic piece about a museum, art, and a fallen angel
An 80's tape about boys crushing on a female friend in a roller skating rink
Girls trying to woo an alien classmate
Two patients in a mental hospital try to win over a nurse with table tennis
Boys in an abusive relationship being treated like garbage; one is slapped and bleeds paint; trash only, no recycling
Miniature members trying to convince a young girl that she doesn't have to change
Sisters crushing on the same boy and wanting to kill each other out of jealousy; they kill him instead
A dystopian future run by religious fanatics, witchcraft with flowers, two boys in a relationship
Members make the mistake on picking on one of their own and spend the rest of the video trying to hide from his wrath
A street rat who steals a car, a girl who kills an attempted rapist in self-defense, and a boy who keeps trying to kill himself decide that life's too short to not party

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