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Forced Order
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Hanna's mom's full name
Emily's mom's full name
Spencer's mom's full name
Aria's mom's full name
First to receive a text from a
Blind girl
AP English teacher
Hanna's wicked stepsister to be
Kate's mom and Tom's fiance
Girl who has heart shaped face and blue eyes
Whose family has a lake house
Who do the liars think 'a' is in the season 3 finale
Maya's 'cousin'
Aria's old time friend
Girl Ezra got pregnant in high school
Ezra's brother
Hanna's new bf
Spencer's bf
Aria's bf
Emily's current gf
Hanna's ex BFF
Hanna's sworn enemies
What text was sent to the girls before homecoming
Name of PLL theme song
Alison's older friend from outside of Rosewood
What does the doll in the doll shop in season three say
Alison's secret identity
Alison's secret boyfriend
What is the first thing Hanna ever uses to make herself throw up
What was Aira's puppet named

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