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Forced Order
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ClueMovie Title
'It was beauty killed the beast.'
'Don't dream it, be it.'
'Let the wild rumpus start!'
'I've been twelve for a long time.'
'The power of Christ compels you!'
'From Hell's heart, I stab at thee!'
Haircut? Topiary? He's your man.
''s all for you.'
'Stand up fight, sir, or another bughunt?'
A boys best friends are his rats.
She's a real pussycat when she's excited.
'The great cat is dead!'
'Asps...very dangerous. You go first.'
'Technically speaking, the operation is brain damage.'
'Will you die for him?'
'Today is a good day to die.'
'I thought you were dead.'
'I like New York in June...'
'Tonight, a comedian died in New York.'
Portal exits beside New Jersey Turnpike
Tic tac toe game saves the world
Seven strangers. Shifting rooms. Math an asset.
First period. Werewolf bite. Puberty sucks.
Two men enter. One man leaves.
Kill one. Save a thousand.
ClueMovie Title
'Do you like scary movies?'
'They're coming to get you, Barbara.'
It's 'I Got You Babe'. Again.
'...a new world of gods and monsters.'
Lead actor Rains doesn't *show* until end.
Look in mirror. Repeat name five times.
'Are you cussing with me?'
BunVac 6000 - 125 rpm (rabbits per minute)
With Ziggy Stardust as the Goblin King
Raquel Welch - nano-scientist
' anatomically impaired as a Ken doll.'
'At last! My arm is complete again!'
'It's's an impact tremor.'
'Because for her I will cross over.'
'Consider that a divorce.'
Harshest late video return penalty EVER!
Psst...30 year olds. Sanctuary? Doesn't exist.
Thirty-three year old proportional dwarf? Riiiiiight.
Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' space.
Surgical shine job for 20 menthol Kools
Sensory deprivation tank plus hallucinogenic drugs? Okaaaay.
'Remember, remember, the Fifth of November.'
'Just room for one inside, sir.'
'The End Is Extremely F***ing Nigh'
'My name is Rex Hofman...Saskia! Saskia!'

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