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Forced Order
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ClueMovie Title
Pod bay door
Damn dirty apes!
Klaatu barada nikto.
As you wish.
This is Sparta!
He slimed me.
By Grabthar's hammer...
Always double tap!
Nostromo, signing off.
Why so serious?
The old ultra-violence
One of us.
Yellow brick road
Heather, we're lost.
Release the Kraken!
I'm in insurance.
Harmless little bunny.
Six foot rabbit
Stupid man suit Kay.
Harry's first kiss
Quid pro quo.
Made of people.
Plug it up.
Oh, Mother...blood!
ClueMovie Title
Pub equals safety?
With great power...
Wood's magnum opus
Braids plug in?
Damn those Mayans!
I'll be back.
Be very afraid.
Everybody runs, Fletch.
Ellison's telepathic canine
Who's got YOU?
They're here already!
Eleventy-first birthday party won!
Mashed potato butte
Skeletons with swords
Igor's moveable hump
Baa ram ewe.
Sargeant Howie's sacrifice
Coppertop gets flushed
Japanese student deathmatch
His father's eyes
Fruity Oaty Bars
Doogie Howser...fascist
Fake Thomas Jefferson

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