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QuoteMovie TitleYear
Is it safe?1976
She's beautiful, she's rich, she's got huge...tracts of land.1975
You come in here with a skull full of mush and you leave thinking like a lawyer.1973
I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor.1979
We are the pros from Dover.1970
I can see your dirty pillows.1976
As the good book says, when a poor man eats a chicken, one of them is sick.1971
Put...the candle...back!1974
All right. This one time I'll let you ask about my affairs.1972
Look at me, Damien! It's all for you!1976
QuoteMovie TitleYear
Sex with you is really a Kafkaesque experience.1977
Anyway, we delivered the bomb.1975
The Power of Christ compels you!1973
Bonjour Papa!1979
Women weaken legs!1976
I know 'drug' real from 'real' real.1974
...let me lay on you a so-so entertainer, not much of a humanitarian, and this cat was never nobody's friend.1979
'I ask for nothing.' 'And you shall receive it, IN ABUNDANCE.'1975
In here, life is beautiful. The girls are beautiful. Even the orchestra is beautiful.1972 sure and tell was only a bloody game.1972

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