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PropsMovie TitleExtra
stuffed owl, shower curtain, knife
an official Red Ryder carbine-action two hundred shot range model air rifle,
lamp shaped like a woman's leg
rose petals, Christmas tree,
book (Tom Sawyer), piano,
adding machine
red pill, blue pill, spoon, tray of homemade cookies, vase,
guns...lots of guns
golden idol, bag of sand, bullwhip
Stonehenge replica
(18 inches high)
Raquel Welch/One Million Years B.C. poster,
bible with pages cut out in shape of a rock hammer
broomstick, oil can, hourglass,
and some glittery red shoes
1958 American quarter,
pneumatic captive bolt stun gun
volleyball (bloodstained),
FedEx packages
knife & fork, shoe made of licorice, 2 dinner rolls, 2 forks,
bowler hat, cane
coconut shells, stuffed white rabbit, various bones, swords
binoculars, wheelchair, leg cast
PropsMovie TitleExtra
potter's wheel, clay, penny
50 hard-boiled eggs,
chains, road tar
Pussy Wagon key chain, Kaboom cereal, samurai sword
Halloween masks of
former presidents
(Reagan, Carter, Nixon, Johnson)
horse's head (bloody)
red roses, plastic bag,
1970 Pontiac Firebird
boombox, cassette tape
(Peter Gabriel)
green velvet curtains
sled, painted with an unopened flower (genus - rosa)
assorted bones,
dead zebra (painted dead horse),
wooden monolith, dimensions ratio 1x4x9, painted with black paint and pencil graphite
coffee mug (Kobayashi Porcelain),
corkboard (Quartet brand),
photo of large black woman
Swingline stapler, slab cake, gutted fish, photocopier, baseball bats
thousands of Hostess Sno-Balls
not as iconic as most of the others, so extra from 2009

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