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QUIZ: Can you name the famous movie MacGuffin from these word puzzles?

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ClueMacGuffinMovie and Clue Explanation
indoor group of stores
+ playfully taunt
+ lose one's balance
+ swindle
clump of fish eggs
+ potato
brutal ruffian (orig. assassin)
+ opp. of high
+ limb for flight
+ soft Fr. cheese
+ conditional conj.
+ Mr. Jones in Men in Black
+ sleep, 'catch some
Sumter (Am.) or Henry (Cdn.), for eg.
+ body parts for biting
+ expres. of sudden pain
+ grains of silica
+ Barbie, for eg.
+ movie, ____ and the Real Girl
crusty roll
+ use needle and thread
+ declare verbally
+ coffin carrying vehicle
+ opp. of hard
+ smell or taste of spoiled fat
farming implement
+ unit of measurement (approx. 3 miles)
+ metal track for trains
2nd per. pronoun
+ lots of precipitation
+ former dictator Idi
+ interogative adverb
+ opp. of out
+ purchased
+ sicknesses
+ opp. of high
+ close one eyelid
+ a painting, for eg.
+ faster than walk
+ family, relatives
+ prone to crying
+ conj. intro. alt. choice
monosyllabic word used during hesitation in speaking
+ rounded drawer handle
+ alt. (esp. Irish) pronun. of tea
+ leg joint
+ exclamation of deliciousness

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