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Can you name the movie title for the following movies involving felines large and small?

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HintMovie TitleYear
Better turn on the light when you swim in the never know what's lurking in the shadows.1942
Stare deep into the diamond...and try to get Henry Mancini's theme music out of your head.1963
Retiree goes on cross-country odyssey with his cat.1974
Animated Disney title, loosely based on Hamlet, is top selling home video of all time.1994
Before we all watched Christian the lion reunite with his people on Youtube, this set the standard for returning to the wild.1966
Do not get between running man and chasing jaguar, even if Mel Gibson tells you to.2006
Kim Jong Il releases the panthers...that look a lot like black housecats.2004
Dean Jones plays very cat-allergic FBI agent who goes into bathroom with a cat and an inkpad to get a pawprint. Mayhem ensues.1965
Future father-in-law schools Ben Stiller on difference between cat people and dog people...if you need that kind of emotional reassurance from a pet.2000
It's okay Mr. Bigglesworth. It's not YOU who's EVIL.1997, 1999, 2002
Roger Moore plays against James Bond image as a cat-loving woman-hating eccentric in this movie.1979
Party girl bonds with neighbour and a stray cat named 'Cat' that comes in through her window.1961
Robert Goulet's movie debut, voicing cat Jaune Tom.1962
British army engineer enlists hunter to eliminate two man-eating lions who have killed over 130 workers for railway bridge in Uganda.1996
Tony Randall told funny anecdotes about working with lion on this movie, especially the fuss when it would relieve itself on set.1965
'Jody' from Family Affair and 'Iris' from Taxi Driver with a lion named Major.1972
He's got attitude. He loves lasagna. He sounds like Bill Murray.2004
HintMovie TitleYear
Stare at Rod Steiger's tatoos and imagine what disturbing things are happening on the veldt.1969
First animated movie to have an 'R' rating.1972
This caper involved one of the criminals hiding in a coffin with a dead cat.1979
Paul Gallico's story involving a local 'witch', a veterinarian, his daughter, and a cat. Unsurprisingly, cat heaven looks Egyptian.1964
Seriously Ripley, you'd better go back and save the's a looooooong trip home.1979
Cat lovers may want to skip the first 10 mins., when a cyber-savvy serial killer practices on a cat before moving on to people.2008
The day...and the kittens...are saved by Thomas O'Malley, O'Malley the alley cat.1970
Danish noblewoman meets British big game hunter (with an American accent) while she feels threatened by a lion.1985
Selina Kyle is thrown off a roof, tended to by cats, and discovers a new identity. Me-ow.1992
Unlike all the other animals on the farm, Duchess the cat calls the people the Boss and the Boss's husband instead of the Boss and the Boss's wife.1995
Ralph Fiennes plays a creepy killer who gives his blind girlfriend the gift of petting an anesthetized tiger.2002
Crookshanks is such a 'familiar' name.2001 - present
Orange cat and pug are friends who are separated and must reunite and find their way home.1986
Young boy joins two curmudgeonly uncles, who acquire a 'used lion' they name after a lost love.2003
Alex the lion is the star of New York Central Zoo, until a roots-tracing trip.2005
Before USA enters WWI, Americans go to France to join the Lafayette Escadrille, and meet a flying ace's pet lion.2006
Steve Gutenberg's about to be evicted from his apartment, his girlfriend has left him, the burglar tied up in his kitchen has him questioning his sexual orientation, and...2002

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