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Production of this delta-winged interceptor aircraft was controversially cancelled February 20, 1959.A
Jurist - war crimes Chief Prosecutor for International Tribunals for Rwanda and the Former Yugoslavia.A
2001 film retells an Inuit legend. First feature film in Inuktitut language.A
Award winning author: work includes theocratic dystopia The Handmaid's Tale.A
Toronto-based band taken off bill of 1991 New Year's Eve City Hall concert. City staffer felt band's name objectified women.B
Popularizer of Canadian history, born Whitehorse 1921. Books incl. Klondike and The National Dream.B
Quebec politician - 1st separatist leader of federal Opposition. Lost leg in 1994 to necrotizing fasciitis.B
Officially credited with 72 victories, he was Canada's top WWI flying ace.B
Toque-wearing cheerful snowman mascot of wintertime Carnaval de Quebec.B
Montreal-born often reclusive singer, songwriter, poet & novelist. Extensively honoured in Canada; inducted into American Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008.C
Scored the winning overtime goal in the 2010 Olympic gold-medal hockey game.C
'There are strange things done in the midnight sun, by the men who moil for gold.'C
Albertan sporting event - attendance over one million, prize money totalling two million dollars. Yee haw!C
Yvonne, Annette, Cecile, Emilie, & Marie. Born 1934D
Politician - Father of Canadian Medicare, voted 'The Greatest Canadian'.D
Artist whose works include iconic hockey-themed 'At the Crease' and 'Lacing Up'.D
From popular 1990's TV show 'Due South', this lip-reading wolf was named after a former prime minister.D
Disastrous Aug. 19, 1942 Allied WWII raid with predom. Canadian infantry. Almost 60% who landed - killed, wounded, or captured.D
Spike, Joey, and friends lived, learned, and went to junior high and high school on this street. Now onto the next generation.D
Mary Walsh character, sometimes dressed as warrior princess, who corners and questions politicians. Showed up at a Sarah Palin booksigning.D
Rolling Stones performed at this Toronto club in 1977 using pseudonym The Cockroaches, with then first lady Margaret Trudeau in attendance.E
This writer used a barn on his Stone Orchard property as inspiration for Noah's ark in his novel 'Not Wanted on the Voyage'.F
Inventor of standard time zones. Surveyed route for cross-Canada CPR railway. Designed Canada's 1st postage stamp, the Threepenny Beaver.F
Famous for low-sitting position at keyboard, this classical pianist abandoned concert performance at age 31 to focus on studio recording.G
Newfoundland town opened their airport and community to many displaced planes and passengers when American airspace closed on Sept. 11, 2001.G
ClueAnswerBegins With Letter
The created Native Canadian identity of conservationist and writer Archibald Belaney. His British origins were discovered after his death.G
Explosion in this harbour, caused by collision of two ships, one fully loaded with munitions, in 1917 is the world's largest man-made accidental explosions.H
English name of de Brebeuf written Xmas carol 'Jesus Ahattonia', beginning 'Twas in the moon of wintertime...'.H
Broadcaster credited with coining the phrase, 'He shoots. He scores!'H
One of the deadliest & costliest storms of the 20th century, this 1954 hurricane name was retired. It killed 81 Canadians after reaching Toronto area considerably weakened.H
Medical student Charles Best won a coin toss to become lab assistant to Frederick Banting, leading to him being credited as co-discoverer of this.I
Canada has become world's largest producer of this dessert wine, made from grapes that have frozen while still on the vine.I
Her 'For Better or For Worse' comic strip appears in approx. 2000 newspapers in over 20 countries.J
Long-serving Prime Minister who used seances to communicate with spirits of his dead mother and Irish setters.K
Completing an enormous engineering project and fulfilling a national dream, this was famously driven in, located in Craigellachie, B.C.L
Politician & diplomat. Served as United Nations special envoy for HIV-AIDS in Africa.L
This vegetarian, lesbian, and enormously talented singer sang 'Hallelujah' at the opening ceremonies of 2010 Olympics.L
In 1915, this WWI soldier & surgeon, Lieutenant Colonel, wrote 'In Flanders Fields'.M
Comedian & political satirist from Newfoundland known for 'Talking to Americans' and internet petition to make politician Stockwell Day change first name to Doris.M
Province of Quebec produces 80% of world's supply of this sticky, sweet treat.M
Last time this hockey team won the Stanley Cup was Canada's centennial year.M
In one of his many books he describes intentionally subsisting on mice while studying wolves in the Arctic.M
Founded in 1786, oldest brewery in North America, and is behind iconic 'I Am Canadian' ad campaign.M
Over 218,000 people moved, less than 48 hours, no lives lost - prior to Hurricane Katrina, evacuation of this city (train derailment) was largest North American peacetime evac.M
Sam Steele wore the traditional red serge uniform of this Royal Canadian Mounted Police forerunner, during the Klondike Gold Rush.N
Layered sweet treat named after a city in British Columbia.N
Born 1948, in Parry Sound, with game-changing hockey style, remains only defenceman to win NHL scoring trophy.O
Name of Okanagan Lake's resident lake monster.O
Heart-stopping Quebec treat combining French fries, cheese curds, and gravy.P
This Toronto-born Indian-descent comedian made Forbes list of top 10 earning comedians from June 2008-2009. 'Somebody's going to get a hurt real bad.'P
ClueAnswerBegins With Letter
Red Green's lodge. Oath = 'I'm a man but I can change if I have to I guess.'P
One co-host of long-running children's show, also featuring Marigold and Bear, would always 'just miss' seeing this large green kangaroo-like creature.P
Canada is only foreign country permitted to have embassy on this Washington, D.C. street.P
WWI-formed regiment named after daughter of Governor General Duke of Connaught. One of the most decorated in Canadian Forces.P
Oldest walled city north of Mexico.Q
Square-headed alternative to slotted & Phillips screwdriver, named after its inventor.R
When frozen in winter, this Ottawa waterway is world's longest skating rink.R
Provincial capital located on the site of hunters' camp that was named Pile O' Bones.R
Called Canada's 'Last Father of Confederation' for role in making independent Newfoundland into Canada's 10th province in 1949.S
Trio of children's entertainers who 'skinnamarink'ed' their way to success, and into the Order of Canada in 2002.S
Walked approx. 30 km to warn British Lieutenant Fitzgibbon of impending surprise attack at Beaver Dams by Americans in 1813.S
Take a shot of this strong Newfoundland rum, kiss a codfish on the mouth, and answer the question, 'Is ye an honorary Newfoundlander?'S
'Just watch me.' 'Fuddle duddle.' 'The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation.'T
Game invented by Scott Abbott and Chris Haney, released in 1981-1982. This would be a good question.T
Wrongfully convicted of murdering classmate, he was sentenced to death at age 14 in 1959. Formally acquitted of crime in 2007.T
Named for its founding hockey player, it's where Canadians go to 'roll up the rim' of their 'double double'. (full name)T
British colony from 1791-1841, consisting roughly of what is now Southern Ontario. Capital was Newark, then York (renamed Toronto in 1834).U
WWI battle in April 1917 - 1st time all 4 divisions of Canadian Expeditionary Force fought together. Its success became a matter of national pride.V
Britain's monarch at the time of Canadian confederation. Celebrated in Canada with long weekend in May and fireworks.V
1970 kidnappings of gov't officials by Front de liberation du Quebec led to Canada's only peacetime invocation of this emergency powers act.W
Gordon Lightfoot song about 1975 sinking of Great Lakes freighter in Lake Superior with all 29 hands lost.W
World's longest freshwater beach.W
Unofficial name of paramilitary & commando training camp near Whitby-Oshawa.American FBI & OSS agents secretly attended before USA entered WWII. X
Hey Hey, My My, this singer-songwriter's 4-decade career includes refusing to be filmed at Woodstock, Scorsese having to edit Last Waltz to obscure cocaine hanging from his nose.Y
Finally, the correct way to pronounce the last letter of the alphabet is...Z

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