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ClueMovie TitleYear
'Welcome to Sherwood'1938
Kindness of strangers1951
'Release the Kraken!'2010
'Sweep the leg'1984
Failure to communicate1967
'Well, nobody's perfect!'1959
'Nostromo, signing off.'1979
'Asps...very dangerous.'1981
'Your father's passin'.'1962
'Willkommen. Bienvenue. Welcome.'1972
Yellow Brick Road1939
Pod bay door1968
Royale with cheese1994
'I'm your huckleberry.'1993
'Women weaken legs.'1976
'The Dude abides!'1998
'Candygram for Mongo.'1974
'Slappa da bass.'2009
'Shoot the hostage.'1994
Humiliate the Host
(or Hump the Hostess)
(or Get the Guests)
Springtime for Hitler1968
'I'm walkin' here.'1969
'Klaatu barada nikto.'1951
ClueMovie TitleYear
'Come what may.'2001
'Whatever Lola wants...'1958
'PC Load Letter?'1999
Princes of Maine1999
Pros from Dover1970
'That'll do, pig.'1994
'No, it's Iowa.'1989
'Damn dirty apes'1968
The Hanson Brothers1977
'Get the butter.'1972
'We rob banks.'1967
'One of us.'1932
'We're not worthy!'1992
'He slimed me!'1984
Precious bodily fluids1964
'This is Sparta!'2006
Snails AND oysters1960
'Why so serious?'2008
Always Be Closing1992
'I'm in insurance.'1995
'Stupid man suit'2001
'Frankly, my dear...'1939
Quid pro quo1991
'As you wish.'1989
ClueMovie TitleYear
Scathingly brilliant idea!1966
'We had faces!'1950
'What a dump!'1949
'No wire hangers...'1981
Mission from God1980
'Always double tap!'2009
'Play the sunset.'1995
'You complete me.'1996
'Play it, Sam.'1942
'Hey, big spender...'1969
'It's showtime, folks.'1979
'Bend...and snap.'2001
The mean reds1961
'I'll be back.'1984
The Time Warp1975
'Is it safe?'1976
'Smelled like...victory.'1979 good.1987
'Shaken, not stirred.' (first used?)1962/1964
'Who's on first?'1945
Fight the Power1989
Call it, friendo2007

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